Natuurkundige uitspanningen
Natuurkundige uitspanningen, behelzende eenige waarneemingen over sommige zee-planten en zee-insecten, benevens derzelver zaadhuisjes en eyernesten. Job Baster. - Haarlem, Jan Bosch, 1759-1765. - 2 volumes each consisting of 3 parts. 29 plates.
Published between 1759 and 1765 in 6 issues. Most editions were colored.

Also published in Latin as: Opuscula subseciva, observationes miscellaneas de animalculis et plantis quibusdam marinis, eorumque ovariis et seminibus continentia. Jobi Basteri. - Harlemi, Apud Joannem Bosch, 1762-1765.

TRESOAR, Frisian Historial and Literary Centre in Leeuwarden, kindly gave permision to photograph and publish the illustrated pages of Basters work on this site. Making copies without their permission is not alowed.

The complete text of Natuurkundige uitspanningen can be read, searched through and downloaded (Google Books).
Another Dutch version, with the illustrations neatly unfolded, which was donated by Philipp Franz von Siebold to the scolar Udagawa Yoan in Eno in 1826. (Waseda University Library)
The Latin version can be read and downloaded at Biodiversity Herritage Library or Gottinger Digitalisirungscentrum.

Identification of species
Illustrations and identification of the species in Natuurkundige uitspanningen (volume 1)

Illustrations and identification of the species in Natuurkundige uitspanningen (volume 2)

The latin names Baster used aren't used any more because he didn't use Linnean binairy names.

A hunderd year after the publications of the books of Baster and Slabber the Dutch marine biologist Maitland (1876) made an attempt to identify their species. He published his list in: Determinatie der dieren, beschreven en afgebeeld in de werken van Job Baster en Martinus Slabber. Tijdschr. ned. dierk. Vereen., (1) 2: 7-15. In later years various authors corrected Maitland list.

On this site the names given by Baster and Maitland, the corrections and the current names are presented under the illustations.

Literature was studied for recent identifications. Where no recent data were found Godfried van Moorsel and I checked ourselves and asked specialists to help identify Basters species. Specialists who helped identifying species are named at the appropriate places.
Current names for marine species were checked at WoRMS.


Literature on species

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